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Reference Category Description Contract Type Current Contractor Annual Contract Value Start Date End Date Review Date Quote/Tender Supplier Category Supplier Registration Number Unrecovered VAT
CO/349 Consultancy - Environmental Historic Environment Advice SLA Place Services (Essex County Council) £9,000.00 01-Apr-17 01-Apr-18 N/A N/A Non-SME N/A 0
CO/207 Facilities Management - Printing Lease of office photocopiers Framework Agreement Xerox £0.00 22-Nov-11 01-Dec-18 N/A Tender Non-SME 330754 0
CO/328 IT & Communications - Software Gazetteer management for land property and streets Service Aligned Assets Limited £9,000.00 11-Jan-17 01-Jan-19 N/A N/A Non-SME 4610724 0
CO/203 Housing Management - Not Elsewhere Classified Provision of a choice based letting service Service Locata (Housing Services) Ltd £20,423.00 01-Jan-16 01-Jan-21 N/A N/A Non-SME 4419315 0
CO/344 Works - Construction Repairs & Maintenance - Architect Lead Design and Production Architect for the refurbishment of the Town Hall Service Ingleton Wood Martindales Limited £53,000.00 01-Jun-17 01-Jun-19 N/A Tender SME 2694909 0
CO/378 IT & Communications - Software Intelligence software licences and training Service Intec Public Sector £4,825.00 01-Nov-16 01-Nov-19 N/A N/A Non-SME 3031768 0
CO/292 Facilities Management - Not Elsewhere Classified Planned maintenance to installed airconditioning equipment at the Multi Story car park Coptfold Road Service Bluesky Airconditioning £450.00 03-Oct-16 01-Oct-19 N/A N/A Non-SME 4553975 0
CO/242 Facilities Management - Grounds Maintenance Lease of Golf Course Equipment - mowers Goods P Tuckwell Ltd £34,233.00 01-Oct-17 01-Oct-21 N/A Tender Non-SME 1189939 0
CO/257 Works - Construction Repairs & Maintenance - Buildings General Building Repairs and maintenance including planned and major works for both civic and housing Service Wates Living Space £3,000,000.00 04-Jun-14 03-Jun-19 N/A Tender Non-SME 1141788 0
CO/258 Works - Construction Repairs & Maintenance - Buildings Mechanical & Electrical Services including planned and major works for both civic and housing Service Oakray Ltd £2,500,000.00 04-Jun-14 03-Jun-19 N/A Tender Non-SME 12270930 0
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