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Premises Name Premises Address Licence Holder Name Licence Number Licensable Activities Hours of Authorisation Name of Designated Premises Supervisor Date of Issue
141 Kings Road 141 Kings Road Brentwood Essex CM14 4DR Hakan Aydemir PRM_447 Supply of Alcohol Mon-Sun 9:00-23:00 Okan Aslan 14/12/2012
3 Ongar Road 3 Ongar Road Brentwood Essex CM15 0AE Fuzuli Altundal PRM_371 Late Night Refreshment Thurs 23:00-0:00 Fri/Sat 23:00-1:00 next Unknown 25/01/2007
A & S Food Stores 13 Eastham Crescent Brentwood Essex CM13 2BN Annapoorani Sathiyamoorthy PRM_236 Sale of Alcohol Mon-Sat 8:00-23:00 Sun 10:00-22:30 Sinnarasa Sathiyamoorthy 26/09/2005
A La Turk 64 High Street Brentwood Essex CM14 4AN Emre Akin PRM_336 Sale of Alcohol, Recorded Music Alcohol - Mon-Sun 11:00-0:00 Music - Mon-Sun 8:00-0:30 next LNR - Mon-Sun 23:00-0:30 next Emre Akin 09/11/2005
Adult Community College (Bishops Hill) Bishops Hill Rayleigh Road Hutton Essex CM13 1BN Unknown PRM_355 Plays, Indoor Sporting Events, Live/Recorded Music, Performance of Dance,facilities for making music/dancing to be advised Unknown 18/04/2006
Alec's Restaurant Bar and Grill The Green Man Navestock SIde Brentwood Essex CM14 5SD Albert Alexander Smith PRM_136 Sale of Alcohol, Live Music, Provision of facilities for dancing Alcohol - Mon-Sun 10:00-0:00 Music/Dance - Mon-Sun 11:00-0:00 LNR - Mon-Sun 23:00-0:00 Albert Alexander Smith 14/09/2005
Alma Arms Horseman Side Navestock Essex CM14 5ST Amanda Jane Speight PRM_165 Sale of Alcohol Mon-Sat 11:00-23:00 Sun 12:00-22:30 Amanda Jane Speight 21/09/2005
Altogether Fresher (Co-op) 3-5 Spread Eagle Place High Street Ingatestone Essex CM4 9DN Chelmsford Star Co-Operative Society Ltd PRM_376 Sale of Alcohol Mon-Sun 7:00-23:00 Bruce Brown 23/11/2005
AM General Stores 3 Rayleigh Road Brentwood Essex CM13 1BN Subramaniyam & Ruba Thirunavugarasu PRM_192 Sale of Alcohol Mon-Sat 8:00-23:00 Sun 10:00-22:30 Subramaniyam Thirunavugarasu 22/09/2005
Anglo-European School Willow Green Ingatestone Essex CM4 0DJ Anglo-European School PRM_054 Plays, Recorded/Live Music, Dance Performance, Facilities for making music/dancing, etc Mon-Sat 12:00-0:00 Sun 12:00-23:30 Not Known 28/09/2005
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